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Fly A War Bird

Fly a Real War Bird

SA Bulldog RAF Trainer

Fly the Bulldog Military Trainer.

The Bulldog was used by a number of Air Forces as a primary trainer. The Swedish Air Force also used for initial weapons training. A "true blue" military aeroplane

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Flying the Bulldog will give you the perfect introduction to flying one of the "heavy metal" war birds such as the Havard and Spitfire.

Fly the Aeroplane that trained many Red Arrows Pilots.

During your flight

in the Bulldog

You will Fly


Fighter Pilot Circuits

Low level navigation techniques

When You have Flown the Dog

Go on to learn the art

of Formation Flying

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Because of the vagaries of the UK weather Skysport UK does not take an advanced deposit for the airwork part of the course. All flying will be paid for by electronic bank transfer/Debit Card at the conclusion of each flight.

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