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How will you benefit from taking
Skysport UK's Elite Pilot Course?

One of the best reasons to undertake the Elite programme was given by Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown in an article for Flight International in 1976 where he underscored the importance of continuous learning - regardless of experience.

"There is always a reluctance to go back to school after discarding aerial L plates, but pilots should realise that regular check-outs by a friendly instructor are not only good for the soul but essential for survival".

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Flight 1 Skills Assessment & Introduction to the Bulldog

Flight 1 is a skills assessment sortie and introduction to the Bulldog. This sortie will enable your instructor to taylor your subsequent sorties to meet your precise needs. It will also introduce you to the constant speed propellor, flying the aeroplane at extreme attitudes and fighter pilot circuits.

Flight 2 General Handling, stalling and spinning

Flight 2 will concentrate on developing your skills in handling the aeroplane at extreme attitudes. You will also practice stall and spin recovery techniques with the aim of enabling you to recognise the early onset of the stall and take effective recovery action.

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Flight 3 General Handling, Circuits & Forced Landing

Flight 3 will give you the opportunity to practice the handling skills developed in your previous flights. You will then concentrate on flying "fighter pilot" circuits and forced landing techniques.

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Flights 4 & 5 Consolidation and Practice

Flights 4 and 5 will give you the opportunity hone the skills you have learnt during the first 3 flights. Your instructor will plan these trips with you so that you gain the most benefits from your Elite course.

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PROUD Pilot Qualification

All the Skysport UK Elite Pilot courses count towards the award of the UK CAA's "PROUD Pilot" qualification.

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