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Elite Pilot Programme

Fly with Skill & Confidence

Be an Elite PROUD Pilot

Fly Your Own Aeroplane

This course is designed for pilots who want to use their own aeroplane to enhance their piloting skills. It is particularly designed for pilots who have moved to a higher performance aeroplane and want to fly it with enhanced safety. Things happen far quicker in a Cirrus than they do in a PA28.

How Does it Work

Either fly into Cotswold Airport or our Skyhawks Team will come to you at your home base. You will pay for the instructors time and the ground element of the course. For Clubs we can arrange a course for 4 to 6 participants using the Club aeroplanes.

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The Elite Pilot Course qualifies
you for a CAA PROUD award.

You will Learn

Fly Your Aeroplane

with confidence

Controlled flight in extreme attitudes

Fighter Pilot Circuits

Low level navigation techniques

Safe Flight in poor visibility

Forced Landings

Learn the art of

Formation Flying

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