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Your Bespoke Elite Pilot Programme

Nat Rankin

First Officer Cathay Pacific

Elite Pilot Graduate

Programme to Meet Your Specific Requirements

This course is designed for pilots who are starting a flying career and who are required to demonstrate a high level of piloting skills to the airlines to which they have applied.

Elite course Testimonial

Prior to taking the interview for joining Cathay Pacific I undertook the Skysport-UK Elite Pilot Course. This helped me to pass the interview with flying colours and the Chief Training Captain was particularly interested in the upset training I had received. A large proportion of the simulator test was concerned with upset recovery and while a number of the applicants struggled with this I found the training I had done in the Bulldog was transferrable to the Boeing 747.

Nat Rankin, Cathay Pacific

The Elite Pilot Course qualifies
you for a CAA PROUD award.

You will Learn

Fly the Bulldog

Military Trainer

Controlled flight in extreme attitudes

Advanced Stalling

Upset Awareness

Upset Recovery

Visual Circuits

Learn the art of

Formation Flying

Book Your Course Cost 210 hour

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Because of the vagaries of the UK weather Skysport UK does not take an advanced deposit for the airwork part of the course. All flying will be paid for by electronic bank transfer/Debit Card at the conclusion of each flight.

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