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2 Hour Elite Pilot Programme

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Skysport Elite Pilots

Flight 1 Skills Assessment & Introduction to the Bulldog

Flight 1 is a skills assessment sortie and introduction to the Bulldog. This sortie will enable your instructor to tailor your subsequent sorties to meet your precise needs. It will also introduce you to the constant speed propellor, flying the aeroplane at extreme attitudes and fighter pilot circuits.

Flight 2 General Handling, stalling and spinning

Flight 2 will concentrate on developing your skills in handling the aeroplane at extreme attitudes. You will also practice stall and spin recovery techniques with the aim of enabling you to recognise the early onset of the stall and take effective recovery action.

Read Article on Stalling

The Elite Pilot Course qualifies
you for a CAA PROUD award.

You will Learn

Fly the Bulldog

Military Trainer

Controlled flight in extreme attitudes

Fighter Pilot Circuits

Low level navigation techniques

Safe Flight in poor visibility

Forced Landings

Learn the art of

Formation Flying

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Because of the vagaries of the UK weather Skysport UK does not take an advanced deposit for the airwork part of the course. All flying will be paid for by electronic bank transfer/Debit Card at the conclusion of each flight.

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