The Scottish Aviation Bulldog

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The Bulldog is a military trainer based on the Beagle Pup. It was initially sold to the Swedish Air Force and then adopted by the Royal Air Force as a replacement for the Chipmunk. On the demise of the Beagle Aeroplane Company production was taken over by Scottish Aviation in Prestwick.

The Joy of Flying the "Dog"

The Bulldog is a real Warbird as every one built went to an Air Force. The military pedigree is obvious from the moment you step into the cockpit, a real "joy stick", like a fighter. Fully aerobatic the Dog's controls are very light and incredibly responsive and its a real pleasure to handle.

Beagle Pup 150 - Technical Details

Avco-Lycoming I0-360-A1B6. 200HP

Hartzell constant speed, 2 blade metal

Max cruise speed: 120kts
Max Rate of Climb (ROC): 1,034 feet/min

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