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Osprey Group Beagle Pup 150 G-TSKY

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G-TSKY 4 times winner of the Kings Cup



150 HP Lycoming


King Nav/Comm with VOR/ILS

Mode S Trig Transponder


Garman GPS Antenna fitted


All AD's completed

Long range fuel tanks


Flight Performance

Cruise 85 to 110 kts

Climb 850 ft/min

Aerobatics +4 to -1.75 G

Range 350 nm with reserves

Take-off (to 50 ft) 450 mtrs

Landing (from 50 ft) 430 mtrs

Clean Stall Speed 55 kts

Osprey Group, Cotswold Airport, EGBP

Ownership Costs

5% Share £2,000

Per Flying Hr £98

Monthly Charge £86

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What is it like to Fly the Pup 150

I was recently lucky enough to be invited by a retired RAF pilot to a flight in his Beagle Pup. As a fairly low hours PPL most of my flying experience to date had been on the usual Cessna 152ís and 172ís with a few Piperís thrown in for good measure! As much as I enjoyed flying these aircraft as soon as the Pup leaves the runway you realise you are in a different animal altogether. The controls are very light and incredibly responsive and itís a real pleasure to handle.

Simon White, 100 hour PPL