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This is the first of a series of articles on flying and winning an air race. This first article covers the 4 things that are essential to ensure that you can fly an air race with both confidence and safety and be at the front of the pack when you cross the finishing line.

Requirement 1. A Reliable Aeroplane

The first pre-requisite is to ensure that your aeroplane is "Fit to Fly". You are going to be flying at 700 ft above the ground at full throttle for up to an hour. This puts more stress on both the engine and airframe than in the normal course of your flying. It can get a bit "bumpy" at low level.

Requirement 2. A Fit to Fly Pilot

To be successful at air racing you need to be both mentally and physically "fit to fly". At times you will be in a very crowded bit of airspace with constant overtaking of other aeroplanes. You must be confident of your ability to fly and navigate accurately and keep a constant lookout for the other competitors.

Requirement 3. Good Handling skills

Good aeroplane handling skills are essential if you are to be successful at air racing. You must be able to do a level 60º bank turn while ensuring that you do not go inside the turning point. Regain your racing line as quickly as possible and be aware of all the other aeroplanes in your vicinity.

Requirement 4. Good Training

Good air race technique training is essential if you are to be at the top of your game. Skysport-UK offers a rigorous air race training course which has resulted in its graduates winning the prestigious Kings Cup Air Race no less than 11 times.

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Roger Hayes is the CFI of Skysport-UK and is the lead tutor for the air racing course. Roger worked with the Royal Aero Club to set up the first air race training course in the UK. Roger has won the Kings Cup air race 4 times and trained another 7 winners

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