Midland Air Museum Visit— Oct 2019

When we visited this lovely museum it tanked down with rain! However they laid on a super visit opening up the flight deck of both the Vulcan and the Victor.  We were all a bit shocked by the, even for then, old fashioned layout in the Vulcan. There was no way our aged bones were going to make it up the narrow entrance to sit in the pilot or co-pilot seats, even if they had let us. The Victor was so modern, a great layout and easy to get in or out. Wonderfully restored by a vintage gentleman! More chance to sit in interesting seats like the Harrier  mock up and wonder at the WW2 German Kolibri helicopter.  If you didn’t go put it on your list!

Vulcan Cockpit

Roger Hayes and Dave Pennel fly the Victor with working electrics

90yr old Roger refitted all the electrics for the Victors working nose section

Roger explains the finer points of his Kolibri rebuild to our group

Although it was pouring with rain the collection was all there to see

Robert Miller wrapped up to keep the rain out to look at the Percival Prentice

MAM has a very interesting and eclectic collection. Well worth the visit

Our group pose by the SAAB J28 after an excellent guided tour