Skysport-UK continued

This course’s success was greatly appreciated by the RAeC Records Racing & Rally Association. They morphed me into a Race Check Pilot and invited me to organise their first Air Race School using this training package as its primary briefing. Since those then it has been continually refined and is now a very efficient one day training session. Between the pilots attending this course and yours truly, in the past twenty six years we have won the Kings Cup Race no less than ten times and many other races too! Trainee racers now attend a one day “training school” in a “one to one” situation. This contains a Ninety Minute Briefing of the Rules & Race Handling Technique, followed by an afternoon session of actual practise race-flying broken into two or three sorties, dependant on the pilot’s uptake. This also includes their race check! For the main pre- flight briefing pilots are supplied with a personal copy of our Skysport-UK Race Training Manual overlaid with a fully detailed Power point Presentation. Flight training commences with high altitude aircraft handling assessment, majoring on steep turns, later followed by low level flying around a small dummy course.

This low level work combines basic race navigation techniques with the vital turning and angles of bank necessary for an air race. The core requirements taught are the safe management of the low level course at or just above 500ft AGL without excessive climbing or descent in the steep turns. The turn limits flown vary between 2 or 3g according to the actual aircraft type the pilot uses in the races.

When successfully completed, and it usually is, we sign the pilot off as “Safe to Race” and he or she can apply for their FAI Competition Licence and entry to our associations races. Often pilots have informed us that they not only enjoy this course but it also saves them the experience of at least three air races! So there you go,