Formation Flying Continued

An elementary training programme of four sorties involving two or three aircraft would comprise station keeping in straight and turning flight, changes of position relative to the formation leader as well as the safety aspects of collision avoidance.  Briefing and leading formations would also be covered. Further progress could be made if desired to include simple aerobatics in formation in suitable aircraft.  Bulldogs can be flown in loops and barrel rolls in formation. If you now feel tempted to have a go, encourage one of your pilot friends to sign up for a course with you. Subsequently you could fly close formation cross-country instead of in loose formation or a gaggle that you may already have flown.

Robert Miller, Manager Skyhawks Formation Team

Introduced to formation flying in 1960 on Chipmunks with an RAF University Air Squadron. As an RAF Flying Instructor Robert taught formation flying on the Jet Provost and Bulldog and flew for two years in a four-ship Strikemaster aerobatic team.  In the recent past Robert has been flying formation aerobatics in Chipmunk, Bulldog and Extra 300 aircraft.  Currently instructing aerobatics and formation flying he is an FIE(A), CREIRR on both SEP and MEP.