Formation Flying

With the Skyhawks Skysport-UK’s Formation Team.

Why don’t you learn to further develop your flying skills by learning to fly in formation, with another aircraft or even a few other aircraft? Formation flying probably evolved in military aviation where, for instance, it has been used to get multiples of aircraft efficiently to a target or to recover more than one aircraft to a landing.

You are probably familiar with formation flying displays by the Red Arrows and other teams and may have been entertained and impressed with such displays of skills.  The pilots enjoy such flying and achieve great satisfaction from displaying so well. Most Red Arrows pilots began their formation flying training on single engined aircraft such as the Bulldog and you too could begin formation flying on the Skysport Bulldog or indeed your own aircraft. No doubt your flying training so far has included in Threat and Error Management the desirability of keeping away from other airborne traffic but the formation flying training is going to teach you how to fly safely in close company with other aircraft.

At present the law regarding formation flying says that aircraft may be flown in formation only with the agreement of the aircraft commanders involved but common sense would suggest that suitable training should be obtained by pilots wishing to take part. Skysport-UK can provide suitable training by “qualified” pilots so that you become eligible to join the Skyhawks.  Such pilots are not qualified according to any legislation nor by any licensing requirements because there are none but because they themselves have been trained in a disciplined environment not only to fly in formation but also to give instruction and have had many years of experience.