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Shares in Beagle Pup100 G-AWKO
New to Kemble, this great British Classic PUP100 has just been extensively refurbished to very high engineering standard inc. zero timed prop & mags etc. It handles like a dream. It possesses a very low houred engine, VOR, Transponder, new 8.33 Com & flies for 4.5 Hrs! Its ideal for pilot owner training, hour building & even aerobatics! Availability unlimited. Shares: 3,500 plus 90/hr.
CONTACT Roger Hayes FI 07860 257333 or

Bulldogs are the finest aircraft in their class. Possessing real agility and perfectly harmonised flight controls they are real aeroplanes! Only modestly used, with relatively low hours both on the engine and the airframe. Equipped with a Garmin 430 and full instrument panel, this one of the very best! All AD S have been completed; we have just fitted two new 5 point seat harnesses; it is has only used 900hrs on the Lycoming IO 360 Fuel injection engine & 1900hrs on the airframe and its a very smart aeroplane. Kept in hangar at Kemble EGBP in Gloucestershire.
Sadly, we have only one share available in this ex Ghanaian Airforce machine and are looking for a fellow pilot who shares the same ambitions as ourselves, is that you? If youre interested why not call us?

Valued at 70,000 - we have only a one sixth share available.
Call Roger Hayes on 07860 257333