With an examiner and one FI, Skysport UK is based at Cotswold Airport  formally RAF Kemble, in Gloucestershire specialising in Advanced Handling skills training for award of the UK CAA Proud qualification. Air Racing training and Formation flying training. Whilst specialising in Beagle Pup & SA Bulldog training this can also be done using your own aircraft

Air Racing  by Roger Hayes  FI  Skysport-UK

Four Times Winner of the King George V Kings Cup

1989 1993 1999 2005

How to Win the Kings Cup Air Race

How to win the Kings Cup air race, well this is a question? Some would say “using lady luck” others “bending the rules” and yet more would say “proper training and experience”. Well the latter is just what we do, we provide you with the proper training and our experience at the same time.

On joining the Royal Aero Club’s Air Racing scene in 1984, the racing association requested me only to show that I could manage a sixty degree banked turn! Not much you might say, certainly there was no experience in that. So I had to do that bit by myself and it was very slow. By 1989 I had won two significant races the Rotterdam to London Air Race and the most prestigious of all, the King George V King’s Cup Trophy. On reaching 1996 I had entered around seventy or more races and had snaffled the Kings Cup again in 1993. By now I was a flying instructor and gave my friends at Elstree Aero Club an Air Racing Talk. Such was their enthusiasm, it sparked off the need for proper Air Racing Course and without delay it was born, and we were ahead of the game!