2022  Events

April 29th Visit the RAF Cosford restoration centre to see priceless airframes, including the world’s only Do17 being put into display condition. The visit will be in the afternoon, meeting at  13.00 in the main restaurant  to be taken to the RAF side of the Museum. BullPup members are free but it would be appropriate for visitors & non-members to give £10 towards the restoration funds while the club will make a donation on behalf of members.

Contact the secretary Tony Blake on tonyblake38@hotmail.com to book your place.

May & June various dates to be announced    Skyhawks Formation Flying will practice at Kemble in groups to build up skills prior to the big outings planned for later in the year. Any new pilot who is interested in developing this skill will be welcomed to come and learn by example.  Watch out for announcements on the BullPup Flyers emails. If you have not signed up for thie yet email tonyblake38@hotmail.com to go on the list..

August 13th & 14th for the Goodwood RAF Battle of Britain celebration of Training Command. This event is being organised by a BullPup Flyer and all members will be invited to join in the celebrations and the flypast. The Gathering will be at Goodwood with a formation flight planned to go over Tangmere and other sites. Contact Bill Lonergan at WJLaviator@aol.com to book fro this event.

Sept 16th & 17th Skyhawks Formation team and everyone welcome at Kemble’s Battle of Britain Fly In.  Practice on the Friday with pilots supper in the evening when accommodation will be arranged at the local B&Bs. Join in the day and enjoy the many exhibits from 747s to Buccaneers. The Skyhawks will fly out for a big formation and return to Kemble. Email tonyblake38@hotmail.com to go on the list..