Talking about remembering, if you recall the Toast to the Few, or even took part in it you can now catch up with the video, which you can find signposted from the Previous Events page.

Looking back at last year we had some optimism that Covid-19 jabs, which were just being rolled out, might slow the pandemic. Well that came out OK and a change in the virus to a less virulent form has meant we are on the edge of removing the restrictions.

But just as that crisis is slipping behind us President Putin has decided to make war on Ukraine. Europe is destabilised and the price of fuel is going through the roof. We shall, however do our best to work though this crisis as well. But being early March at the time of writing  there might be further shocks to come so our plans might change.

We have based the 2022 programme on the plans that we have been carrying forward for the last couple of years, so have a look at the events page. Please sign up and make this a good year to remember.

March 2022