Brexit has disappeared into thick cloud, but we still on track to leave the EU at the end of the year and new briefings were being issued by the CAA  from time to time. As yet politics is not back to the new normal. But if you go back to December 2019 the old normal was pretty chaotic so we will keep an eye on the news to see effect it might have.

The Two-Day Formation Flying Session will be one of the “Fridays & Saturdays” in  AUGUST dates, from which we will only choose TWO DAYS, are: -        

Thurs 6th, Fri 7th &  Sat 8th          &/or         Thurs 13th, Fri 14th  &  Sat 16th

If  it is not feasible to have consecutive days we will choose two separate days instead, splitting you guys into two groups so you can each attend a one-day formation session in one of those weeks. If you are determined to fly, do reply immediately. These sessions can only be confirmed once you have all replied see Formation Flash emails.